blackboard with pirate mascot

Good morning, Pirates! Today is Monday, Nov. 2. It is All Souls Day.

  • If you’re interested in information about a possible ‘Trip to Europe’ next summer, see Ms. Taylor.

  •  Seniors, there’s a box in Champ’s room for your yearbook Signature sheets. Don’t forget to get those done and turned in this week.

  • Students, be aware that COVID  levels are up, which raises the possibly of impending restrictions. Let’s get back to more awareness of social distancing in hallways and not hanging out at lockers, etc.  Keep your mask over your nose—minimal attentions that may help us keep open  for in-person classes!  Let’s all be mindful and do our best to keep safe and sound here—and when you leave here as well! 

  • That’s it for now, Pirates! Have a good day—it's going to be a very nice autumn Monday.