What's New in '22? [2 diploma tracks/extracurriculars]

Beginning with the class of 2025, St. Mary's will offer two (2) diploma options:

  • Honors Diploma 
  • St. Mary’s traditional college-prep diploma

Honors Diploma
The requirements for an Honors Diploma include a weighted GPA of 3.6 or higher after eight (8) semesters of work and the completion of 10 weighted courses over four years. All honors and AP courses are considered weighted courses. 
Honors Diploma students are allowed to choose an area of focus during their sophomore year. Areas of focus include Engineering or Humanities. The focus allows honors students to maintain academic rigor while providing some flexibility in curriculum requirements in their area of interest. Our counselors work closely with students to provide these opportunities.

An extracurricular activity is an activity performed by students that falls outside the realm of academics. Such activities are generally voluntary and involve leadership and service. Students and staff direct these activities under faculty sponsors. Extracurricular activities are not awarded credits (effective for the 2021-2022 school year).

You can learn more about St. Mary's new curriculum offerings on our website by using our Curriculum Guide. And keep watching your email for more What's New in '22?