School crest with headline

We would like to introduce our new presidentElliot Bode, and vice presidentJohn Berson, for the week of April 27-30.  President Bode has altered the dress code to sweatpants, hoodies, and hats for the week.  In addition, he has approved an early release at 1 pm for Wednesday, April 28.  The junior class will receive ice cream during lunch in the gym on Friday, April 30.  If you are in Mr. Harder's fourth period on Tuesday, April 27, President Bode will have pizza delivered for all.  President Bode and Vice President Berson will be available for your suggestions throughout the week with the exception of their VIP lunch meeting on Thursday, April 29.  

Thank you, President Bode and Vice President Berson! We look forward to your leadership!  The Bode family were the winners of this item at the 2020 St. Mary's Annual Gala. If you would like to be President for the Week, your family will have an opportunity to bid on this package during the 2022 St. Mary's Annual Gala.

Raquel Krasovec
Events Director