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On Tuesday, Sept. 7, the winners of the student council elections were announced. They  are as follows. 

Co-Consuls (representing the entire school)
Lily Delgado
Owen Barton

Vice Co-Consuls (representing the entire school)
Sydney Taylor
Carson Faber

Student Council officers who will represent their houses in student government are: 

Captains: Jacob Limb & Denise Rodriguez
Activities Director: Peyton Priddy & Ceanne Smith (deputy: Jack Meifert)
Communications Director: Amelia Calhoun (deputy: vacant)
Service Director: vacant (deputy: vacant)

Captains: Liz Rysavy & Aidan Gold
Activities Director: Abby Meifert & Larissa Rodriguez (deputy: Maraya Tejeda)
Communications Director:  William Trechter (deputy: vacant)
Service Director: Hannah Studer (deputy: James Beam)

LORETTO HOUSE Captains: Chelsea Baker & Shane Gillis
Activities Director: Sarah Fowler (deputy: Margo Salverson)  
Communications Director: Grace Cairns (deputy: Leah Flanigan)
Service Director: Hannah Turpin (deputy: Rachel Limb) 

Captains: Adelle Rank & Raul Venzor
Activities Director: Anthony Isaac (deputy: vacant)
Communications Director: Abby Pinterpe & Brandon Weis (deputy: vacant)
Service Director: Katlyn Long (deputy: vacant)