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Faith.  Knowledge.  Community.


We use these three words all the time.  This week we tried to link them all together for some of our brave and early-rising parents and friends.


Wednesday morning, we held  our first, “Coffee & Conversation with the President and Principal.”  But before the coffee and conversation, we started with Mass at 7am, celebrated by Fr. Dygert in our St. Leo’s Chapel. As Wednesday was the Feast of Nativity of the Mary, the feast of the birth of our school’s patroness, it was a special celebration.


Immediately following Mass, we gathered in the Cove for our Coffee & Conversation, which included a light breakfast, a few words from me and Robyn Cross, and then an opportunity to ask questions. We mostly listened, but where explanations made sense, explanations were offered.  Some of what we heard challenged us; some of what we heard lifted us up. But regardless, we appreciate the opportunity to listen to those who we have partnered with in the education of their children.


The discussion was spirited and Robyn and I received some important feedback, but the common theme was, “Change is hard!” This, of course, has been true since the beginning of recorded history! Even when a person or organization makes a strong case that  the advancements, or changes, are needed, we recognize that we are creatures of habit. That means—change is hard!


We are grateful for the 15 or so family members who shared this time with us, as it provided us the opportunity to hear back from our community in a small, personal setting. This was truly valuable,. and.  wWe hope those who attended felt the experience was valuable as well.  

Truly, the morning encapsulated our mottos of Faith, Knowledge, and Community. 

In starting with Mass, we started with our Faith.

In sharing some of the changes to our academics, we imparted Knowledge about the ways we imbue Knowledge into the students we are privileged to serve.

In giving people the opportunity to do this in person with the two executive-level staff members in the school, we celebrated our Community.

We are already looking forward to our next Coffee & Conversation  with the President and Principal. For a meaningful and personal “faith, knowledge, community” experience; mark your calendars for 7 a.m., Wednesday, Nov. 10.  Bring your questions (compliments gladly accepted as well!).