On Tuesday, Dec. 7, we will follow a special BELL SCHEDULE to allow for Reconciliation to be offered. To make room in the schedule, we will not have Pirate Period on Tuesday. The special bell schedule is as follows:

Warning Bell, 7:30
Period 1, 7:35-8:18
Period 2, 8:22-9:05
Period 3, 9:09-9:52
**Reconciliation: 9:52-11:24 (Beginning with an examination of conscience at 9:52:
students should remain reverent during this time. For the remainder of the period,
students may work quietly on something).
Lunch, 11:28-12:04
Period 4, 12:08-12:51
Period 5, 12:55-1:38
Period 6, 1:42-2:25
Period 7, 2:29-3:12