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Q: Does my student have to have a Chromebook issued to them?
A: No. The program is optional, and a student may opt out of the Chromebook program.

Q: Will my student be allowed to use their personal laptop at school if they opt out of the program?
A: No, students may not bring their personal computers to school. Students on accommodation plans will be assessed on an individual basis. 

Q: If my student opts out, will Chromebooks be available for them to check out if needed for a class?
A: Students who opt out will be allowed to check out Chromebooks from the cart, by class period, as needed, on a first-come first-served basis.

Q: What if my student is in a class that requires a software program not supported by the Chromebook?
A: Exempt from this policy at this time are yearbook and journalism classes (Ms. Partain’s classes) and dual credit courses. This is due to program-specific functions required in those classes. Students may use their personal computers only during those class periods as directed by the teacher.

Q: How long will my student have the Chromebook?
A: All Chromebooks must be returned at the end of the school year.

Q: What does the Chromebook kit consist of?
A: Each Chromebook kit includes a laptop and a two-piece charger.

Q: Is a protective sleeve and/or screen protector included in the kit?
A: No, the federal grant did not permit us to purchase accessories. St. Mary’s is looking for funding to purchase sleeves and screen protectors.

Q: What will it cost if I need to purchase a replacement Chromebook?
A: Replacement of a damaged or missing Chromebook is $250, and the two-piece charger is $25.

Q: My student would like a lock on his/her locker to secure the Chromebook at school. Is that possible?
A: Yes. Locks for student lockers can be checked out from the front desk at a student’s request.

Q: Why is St. Mary’s moving to a 1:1 Chromebook program?
A:  Chromebooks provide an additional resource for our students. Just as textbooks, calculators, and lab equipment are used by students when teachers deem them appropriate to their curriculum, the Chromebooks serve a similar purpose. Implementing a 1:1 program means these devices are available to all students in a safer and more uniform way.

Q: Where did the funding for the Chromebook program come from?
A: Funding for the program came from a federal grant.

Q: Why can’t my student access the internet on their personal laptop using the St. Mary’s wifi?
A: Personal laptops using the school’s internet access have introduced malware and viruses into our IT infrastructure. Restricting these personal devices allows us to better secure our IT infrastructure from these threats. 

NOTE: The student wifi that has been accessible on campus will be shut down on
Monday, Jan. 24.