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Jan. 31 through Feb. 4 is Catholic Schools Week and we are celebrating our community and faith every day next week with special activities and speakers. 

Monday: On Monday, we'll celebrate our parents by providing treats during morning drop off.

Tuesday: At lunch on Tuesday, we will provide lunch for the faculty and staff. 

Wednesday: Dress Down Day will be a fundraiser for Catholic Charities. As always students can pay $1 to follow the Dress Down Dress Code, OR for today's Dress Down students can also pay by brining in a condiment (ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, salad dressing, etc.).  Also Father Nathan Cromly, Brothers of St. John, will speak to our student body during a special afternoon session.

Thursday: During prayers and possibly other activities we will focus on vocations.

Friday: St. Mary's will gather for a Community Day starting with Mass at 8 am in the Gym celebrated by Bishop Golka. Mass will be followed by breakfast in the Cove and then activities. We will have an early dismissal at 11 am. Parents are welcome to join us for Mass. 

The Pirate Parent Crew is also sponsoring two appreciate events during the week for faculty and staff.  The PPC is looking for volunteers to help stock the faculty/staff lounge with treats and snacks on Wednesday, Feb. 2, and for families to spoil a teacher and bring in a gift of appreciation on Thursday, Feb. 3. 

Please sign up for these opportunities to show our faculty and staff appreciation using the following links:

Lounge Stocking Sign-up

Teacher Appreciation Sign-up