bingo card

A special “shout out” to the 10 families who have volunteered for bingo over the last several weeks. Your participation has boosted the revenue generated from the sessions; you are helping us keep costs at St. Mary’s as low as possible! Lucy Costa ’22 is leading the way as she has many sessions already covered and several more reserved.

Volunteering for bingo counts for service hours, so, seniors who are in need of hours before graduation and all other students should be sure to sign-up for sessions at this link. Volunteering at bingo is a lot of fun and easy to do – here’s a short video overview for anyone who has never been. 

 Bingo World at 272 S. Academy is run by the Barney family, who are affiliated with St. Mary’s family. As a revenue stream for school, the Barney family has selected several bingo sessions each week to benefit St. Mary's. St. Mary’s receives more than six-figures annually from these sessions. Our part is to provide the volunteers to help sell the “pull tab” games that supplement the actual bingo games.

Selling the “pull tab” games is easy and fun. The bingo players buy the “pull tab” games for $1 or $5 and then the players can either win cash or a multiplier for the actual bingo games in the event they get BINGO. 

The St. Mary’s sessions are Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Times for these sessions are listed on the Bingo Sign-up Genius, where you can schedule yourself to help. You can also navigate to the sign-up from our website under the “Give” tab. 

Volunteering at bingo counts as service hours for both students and parents. Please find a session or two you can support this semester. The Development Office thanks you!