Next week is the week before Prom, so there will be a special dress code for all students on April 19-22.


Tuesday, April 19, Regular Dress Down Day: jeans, college/St. Mary's T-shirts. No cost to dress down.

Wednesday, April 20, Sweats Day: sweats with college/St. Mary's T-shirts or sweatshirts.

Thursday, April 21, Neon Class Colors Day: freshmen wear green; sophomores wear purple; juniors wear pink; seniors wear blue. Jeans are allowed to be worn.

Friday, April 22, Blackout v. Whiteout Day: freshmen and sophomores wear white; juniors and seniors wear black. Jeans are allowed to be worn; black/white sweats are also allowed to be worn.


Tuesday, April 9: Seniors are gone overnight on retreat.

Wednesday, April 20: Seniors will get back from retreat by end of school day.

Thursday, April 21:  Juniors vote for two  junior couples for prom court; seniors vote for two senior couples for prom court.

Thursday, April 21: All students will go to the gym to watch Ruff n Tuff volleyball game (junior boys v. senior boys) during a Pirate Period assembly.

Friday, April 22: Juniors and seniors vote for final positions of the four couples on prom court. Results will be announced during prom on Sunday, April 24.

Friday, April 22 - Fr. Nathan Cromly will speak during Pirate Period assembly in the afternoon.


Prom tickets will be on sale in the Business Office on April 19-22 from 7 am to 3 pm. No tickets will be sold at the door. St. Mary's prom is Sunday, April 24, from 8 t0 11 pm at the Switchbacks Stadium at Weidner Field downtown in the banquet room. Guests must bring a driver license for check-in at prom.