Summer Semester 2021

Registration for Summer Semester is now open!

The following courses—art, health, PE, and speech—will be offered June 1-25.

Accelerated Geometry will be offered June 1-30.

Morning sessions run from 8-11 am. Afternoon sessions run from 11:30-2:30 pm.

Please complete the form at right to register for up to two classes.

All classes will be held IN PERSON at St. Mary's High School during the month of June. Students are expected to wear masks at all times while on school property, unless otherwise directed by the governor of Colorado.


1. It allows a student to advance quicker through the subject classes, ie, Accelerated Geometry taken during the summer allows the student to take five math classes during high school; or

2. It allows a student to add an additional one-semester Study Hall class to the regular school year.