If you know a former Pirate deserving of recognition for his or her athletic contribution to the school, please use one of the forms below to submit the nomination to be considered. Remember that nominees can be coaches, players, or friends of Pirate athletics. Nominations can be submitted at any time.

Hall of Fame inductees standing in front of a St. Mary's banner on the football field


The St. Mary’s High School Athletic Hall of Fame exists to ensure that the history and tradition of the school, as well as the contributions of individuals, are celebrated. Its purpose is to honor, pay tribute to, and perpetuate the memory of individuals who, either through participation, support or interest, have made outstanding contributions in the field of athletics and helped St. Mary’s High School in its pursuit of integrity and excellence.


Athletic Hall of Fame nominations are reviewed and chosen by the Athletic Hall of Fame Committee. The committee is compromised of alumni, administrators, and former faculty of St. Mary’s High School. Members of the Athletic Hall of Fame Committee serve a term of three years which is renewable. At the end of the three-year term members may resubmit there request to be considered for another three-year term. The Athletic Director and Director of Development and Alumni Relations are permanent members of the committee. The Athletic Director and Director of Development and Alumni Relations will select new members and replacement members.


Nomination packets are sent to committee members once a year for review. The committee will meet for selection of nominees at an annual meeting, which will include conference calls as needed. Eight of eleven votes will be needed for selection to the Hall of Fame. The number of selections to the Hall of Fame each year will be at the discretion of the committee.


Inductees will be notified by phone and letter of their selection to the Hall of Fame. Inductees will be honored at Hall of Fame Assembly, Reception, and a Hall of Fame Football Game.


Inaugural Inductee

John Gagliardi, Football Coach, 1947 – 1949

Class of 2011

  • Larry Ash ’50 – Football and Hockey

  • Henry Pniak ’59 – Football

  • Robert Stecklein ’59 – Football

  • John O’Connell ’63 – Boys Basketball

  • Katherine Dowling ’87 – Track

  • Elizabeth Kritza ’94 – Volleyball

  • Kaitlyn Burkett ’06 – Volleyball and Girls Basketball

  • Father Rawley Myers, Contributor, 1969-2009

  • Robert Otto, Football Coach, 1980-84, 1991-2003

Class of 2012

  • Joe Barron ’34 – Boys Basketball

  • Tom Zecha ’48 – Football

  • Lucile Ash ’53 – Ice Skating

  • Richard “Bump” Elliott ’61 – Football

  • Richard “Lefty” Stecklein ’61 – Football

  • Diana Huber ’81 – Girls Basketball

  • Oswaldo “Ozzie” Grenardo ’91 – Football

  • Jay Hafemeister ’99 – Track

  • Melissa Hadfield ’06 – Track

  • Fr. Robert Freudenstein, Contributor, 1947 – 1957

  • Andrew Middlemist, Contributor 1971 – 2001

Class of 2013

  • Jack Holvey ’50 – Football

  • Richard Jewett ’63 – Football and Boys Basketball

  • Anthony DuCros ’72 – Boys Basketball

  • Jeanette Kelly ’81 – Volleyball

  • David Grenardo ’95 – Football

  • Ryan Taylor ’97 – Football and Track

  • Christopher Heilman ’04 – Wrestling

  • Kathryn Runyan Hanshew, Volleyball Coach and Athletic Director, 1977-1999

  • Fr. Michael Kavanagh, Athletic Director, 1943-1955,

Class of 2014

  • Tim Myers ’71 – Football

  • Michael Ellison ’77 – Baseball

  • Phil Gray ’77 – Football and Wrestling

  • Lauren Howe ’76 – Golf

  • Kelsey Burkett ’03 – Volleyball and Girls Basketball

  • Samantha Cardenas ’08 – Soccer

  • Ethan Martinez ’08 – Wrestling

  • Joe Moroski, 1978-82, 1984, Girls Basketball Coach

  • Ed Murphy, 1959-1963, Boys Basketball Coach

Class of 2015

  • Don Martin ’61 – Basketball

  • Ted Peralta ’69 – Basketball and Track

  • Stefan Von Campe ’93 – Track

  • Mark Pepper ’95 – Football

  • Christina “Bean” Whitelaw ’10 – Basketball, Soccer, and Volleyball