Class of 2025

Below is a detailed possible for course mapping for Freshman, Class 2025

Freshman Year

  • English (English I or English IA Honors) 

  • Mathematics (Foundations, Algebra I or Algebra IA Honors; or Geometry or Accelerated Geometry; or Algebra IIA Honors)

  • Science (Physical Science; Biology Honors*)

  • Theology I

  • Social Studies (World History & Geography, AP Human Geography)

  • World Languages (French, Spanish) (2 years required for honors students)

  • Health and Physical Education (PE 9/10 or Summer PE recommended for honors students)

  • Additional Electives (PLTW, Fine Arts)
    Biology (Honors):  Biology is an honors class for incoming freshman, Class of 2025.  This class is an option for incoming freshmen with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or above (in Reading, Math, and Science for 7th and 8th grades) in addition to passing the Science placement test and teacher recommendation.

Sophomore Year:

  • English (English II or English IIA Honors, speech will be included)

  • Mathematics (Foundations II, Algebra I, IA Honors, II, IIA Honors, Geometry or Accelerated Geometry, or Pre-Calculus)  Accelerated Geometry will be offered in summer as well

  • Science (Biology, Applied Chemistry, Chemistry I, or Chemistry IA Honors)

  • Social Studies (American Government, American Government Honors with an AP test option)

  • Theology II

  • World Languages (a second year is required for honors students, recommended for all)

  • Health and Physical Education (PE 9/10 or Summer PE)

  • Additional Electives (PLTW included in electives)

Junior Year:

  • English (English III, AP Language and Composition)

  • Mathematics (Algebra II, IIA Honors; Advanced Algebra and Trigonometry or Pre-Calculus, AP Calculus)

  • Science (Marine Biology, Microbiology, Environmental Biology, Applied Chemistry, Chemistry I, Chemistry II, Chemistry IA Honors, AP Chemistry; or Physics) 

  • Theology III

  • Social Studies (AP U.S. History; American Government, or AP European History )
    (Class of 2021-2022 had U.S. History as Sophomore, course changing to Junior year for Class of 2022-2023)

  • Additional Electives (PLTW: AP Computer Science available for for Juniors and Seniors)

Junior students may choose an area of focus

Senior Year:

  • English (English IV, AP Lit)

  • Mathematics (Advanced Algebra Trigonometry, Statistics; Pre-Calculus, or AP Calculus BC)

  • Science (AP Chemistry, AP Biology, Physics, Fundamentals in Engineering, Marine Biology, Environmental Biology, Applied Chemistry, Microbiology, Chemistry I, II)

  • Theology IV

  • Social Studies (World Cultures & Religions required for seniors); AP European History, Psychology are additional electives) 

Additional Electives (PLTW: Aerospace Engineering is an honors class)