St. Mary's High School

2021-2022 Curriculum Requirements

FRESHMEN AND SOPHOMORES: MUST TAKE 6.5 Credits (may take as many as 7-8)
JUNIORS AND SENIORS:  MUST TAKE 6 Credits (may take as many as 7-8)

St. Mary’s High School will continue to require a minimum of 28.0 units of high school credit for graduation for all students. 

New Curriculum Requirements for Classes of 2024 and 2025

  • 4 credits of Theology

  • 4 credits of English (to include Speech, starting Fall of 2022)

  • 4 credits of Mathematics (must include 3 actual math courses, 1 credit from PLTW allowed)

  • 4 credits of Science (must include a Biology, a Chemistry, and a 3rd Science of Choice, 1 credit from PLTW is allowed)

  • 4 credits of Social Studies ( must include: Geography, American History, and American Government) 4 credits strongly recommended for classes of 2022 & 2023)

  • 1 cumulative credit of Health (0.5) and Physical Education* (0.5) (recommended 9th or 10th grade)

  • 1 credit of World Language (2 credits are required for the honors diploma)

  • 1 credit of Fine Arts*

  • Additional Elective credits (to include core electives)

  • 2 credits Community Service (0.5 each year)

    PLTW electives may fulfill a maximum of 2 credits (1 Mathematics credit and/or 1 Science Credit) 

*Art and PE will be waived for Class of 2024

*Taking Summer classes will allow for more flexibility

Only seniors are eligible to be a Teacher Assistant (TA). Only one TA position per semester (0.5 credit/per semester). Students must have a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher to be eligible.

Understanding Electives:
The St. Mary's curriculum should be viewed as a four-year experience during which the student must accumulate Academic credits and Community Service credits to graduate. These graduation requirements can be enhanced by taking more than the basic requirements through the “Elective Choice.”  Additional World Language, Fine Arts, STEM/PTLW Programs, Business Education, and additional CORE (Math, Science, Social Studies, English) classes are excellent choices for any student and can be used toward fulfillment of the “Elective” requirement.

Understanding Extracurriculars:  (Effective 2021-2022)
An extracurricular is an activity performed by students that falls outside the realm of academics. Such activities are generally voluntary and involve leadership and service. Students and staff direct these activities under faculty sponsors.  Extracurricular activities are not awarded credits but remain important activities for a student's resume. 

Senate, Yearbook, and Journalism will join all current extracurricular activities.


Students may request to drop a class during the first two weeks of each semester. The course change form must be completed prior to deadline with all required signatures. The student is responsible for all of the work that was previously assigned in the new course. Dropping a course after the aforementioned deadline will result in a Withdraw/Fail. 


All student schedules are generated by computer.  The computer program utilized for scheduling of students balances all class sizes and assigns teachers to students in a random manner. In order to maintain proper class balance and fairness to all, students/parents may not request a schedule change to accommodate a teacher of their choice. 

 NCAA Requirements:
Colorado Prep Students will follow the NCAA Curriculum Requirements

NCAA ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS for Division I entering freshmen athletes will need to present sixteen core courses in the following: 

  • Four years of English 

  • Three years of mathematics (Algebra I or higher) 

  • Two years of natural/physical science (one lab science a must) 

  • (CORE ELECTIVES) One year of additional English, math or science 

  • Two years of social studies 

  • (CORE ELECTIVES) Four years, additional approved core courses from any listed
    Students must complete 10 of the 16 core courses, including seven in English, Math, or Natural/Physical Science, before the start of their seventh semester. 

Once students begin their seventh semester, they may not repeat or replace any of those 10 courses to  improve their core - course GPA 

Students must also take either the SAT or the ACT college entrance tests and report their scores (9999)  to the NCAA Eligibility Center. 

See the NCAA Eligibility Center websites for more information: 

Possible Future Electives: (2022-2023)

Partner with Bemis School of Art for Art Credits (Courses equivalent to 12 weeks for semester) (Only art classes not offered at St. Mary’s). Parents are responsible for cost of programs

Partner with Colorado Springs Youth Symphony/Chorale for credits. (Courses equivalent to 12 weeks for semester) Parents responsible for cost of programs.

Partner with Academy of Children’s Theatre (ACT). Semester classes for elective credits. Parents responsible for the cost of programs.