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Bingo World
272 S. Academy Blvd.
Colorado Springs, CO 80910

Bingo sessions help generate significant revenues for St. Mary’s High School. THANK YOU for your participation!

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Each session requires a Games Manager, a Caller, and one or two more volunteers to sell pull-tab cards. The Games Manager and Caller require a little extra training. Volunteers must be at least 14 years old.

For more information, please contact Joe Trechter in the Development Office at


Shop using community rewards programs to help supports St. Mary's. This letter details three ways you can support St. Mary's while shopping at area stores and on Amazon. 


Tuition for 2022-2023 is $11,900 plus enrollment fee. The actual cost to educate a student at St. Mary’s is more than $15,000, which leaves a gap of more than $3,100 dollars per student after tuition. Through tuition, parents are asked to cover approximately 75 percent of the cost of a St. Mary’s education, while the remaining 25 percent is covered by our generous donors. St. Mary’s uses a variety of fundraising efforts to make up this difference, such as the Annual Fund, the 1885 Society, the Annual Gala, Auction, Raffle, and Golf Classic.

Tuition vs. Actual Education Costs

Since its founding in 1885, St. Mary’s High School has endured because of the philanthropic support of her alumni, parents, and friends. Philanthropic support of St. Mary's is one of the most important relationships that members of the School community maintain. The St. Mary's Development Office, along with school board members, faculty, staff, alumni, and the Pirate Parents’ Crew, works to foster and support these relationships to match the interest of alumni, parents, and friends with today’s needs.


The Annual Fund is the endorsement of the school’s mission by people who value the importance of affordable Catholic, college preparatory education for southern Colorado. The halls of St. Mary’s are filled with a shared belief that young men and women strive for rigorous academic, physical, artistic, and spiritual guidance. More than just a collection of gifts, the Annual Fund symbolizes a dedication to excellence in all aspects of life. It highlights the commitment of devoted people whose combined resources and talents help students reach their God-given potential.

Donors have great flexibility to direct how Annual Fund gifts are used by the school. The most helpful Annual Fund gifts are for the General Fund, which allows St. Mary’s to use the funds where they are most needed. Gifts can also be designated specifically to Tuition Assistance, Technology, Athletics, or Sports History Project (in support of our Athletic Hall of Fame). Simply designate your gift in the “description” field in the online form or in the memo section of your check. For example: Annual Fund – Tuition Assistance. GIVE NOW!


The St. Mary's Catholic Education Foundation (SMCEF, a 501c3 non-profit organization) exists to support the mission of St. Mary's High School by allowing benefactors to make sustaining gifts to the school through a variety of endowed funds. For a full list of these funds, see our St. Mary's Catholic Education Foundation page.


There are many creative giving opportunities that can significantly benefit the donor and SMHS or the Foundation. The School has a wide array of resources available to support donors in this process and encourages inquiries by donors and their advisers.

Listed below are some of the gifting instruments that allow you to support both your family and St. Mary's High School.

Gifts of Securities

You may use stocks and securities to make a gift to SMHS. If the securities have appreciated, you may find that you can make a larger gift at a lower cost than if the gift were made in cash. Stock in companies that are closely held may also be given to SMHS. Independent appraisals of market value must be obtained to determine the value of closely-held securities at the time of giving.

Gifts of Cash

Cash gifts are generally tax deductible in the year the gift is given. Checks should be made out to St. Mary’s High School and mailed to the Development Office, 2501 East Yampa Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80909. SMHS can also receive gifts via credit card by calling the business office at 719.635.7540 ext 15 or by donating online (see GIVE NOW! box at top left of this page).

Gifts of Property

Property gifts include real estate and tangible personal property such as antiques, art, collections, and the like. When such gifts support the function and purpose of St. Mary's, they can be important contributions to the school. Donors should consult St. Mary's Development Office before they make gifts of tangible personal property to SMHS, since such gifts come under more rigorous scrutiny by the Internal Revenue Service.

Bequests and Testamentary Trusts

Gifts made through your will can be made to St. Mary's either through a new document or a codicil to an existing will. Gifts through bequests can help reduce federal estate tax liability. To include SMHS in your will, you should instruct your attorney to design one of the following:

  • A specified cash amount;

  • A specific property;

  • A percentage of your estate;

  • Remaining assets after loved ones are provided for.

Charitable Trusts and Life Income Plans

Trust agreements are individually written to accommodate the donor’s wishes with respect to a gift to the School while still taking care of family financial concerns. SMHS' Development Office can help you make a decision regarding these specialized financial plans, and you are urged to discuss them with your attorney or financial advisor as well.

Charitable Lead Trusts
This trust is created when a donor places property or cash in trust along with the income generated and dedicates it to SMHS for a period of time. The assets placed in trust revert to the donor or his or her heirs at the end of the time period. The trust creates an immediate tax deduction in the year the trust is created, and it often enables the donor to pass assets to his or her heirs, usually with beneficial estate tax consequences.

Charitable Remainder Trusts
A charitable remainder trust is created when a donor places property or cash in trust along with the income generated and dedicates it to the donor or his or her heirs for a period of time. The assets placed in trust go to SMHS at the end of the time period. The trust creates an immediate tax deduction in the year the trust is created, and it often enables the donor to pass assets to his or her heirs, usually with beneficial estate tax consequences.

Life Insurance

St. Mary's High School can be a total or partial beneficiary of an existing whole life insurance policy, or a new policy may be taken out for this purpose. Life insurance can also be used to replace the monetary value of assets used for charitable gifts made from your estate. Annuities may also be given to the School.

Remainder Interest in a Personal Residence

You may retain a life interest in your home or farm while deeding the property to the School. Though you may continue to live in or use the property, you may claim a tax deduction at the time the property is transferred.

Retirement Plans

Donors who wish to make a bequest to St. Mary's (SMHS) should consider naming the school as a direct beneficiary of all or a percentage of the assets left in their retirement plans. These assets passing to SMHS will escape both the estate tax and income tax, though they may be subject to the excess accumulation tax if the plan is sufficiently large.