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If you are unable to work with an agency, you may contact us directly. We will help you find an agency and local coordinator to assist in placement.

St. Mary's High School international program director Lorelei Kay

Mrs. Lorelei Kay

International Program director

Mrs. Lorelei Kay has been a director of International Programs since 2012, including international students at St. Mary's beginning in 2017.

Mrs. Robyn Cross, principal of St. Mary’s, operates as the PDSO (primary designated SEVIS official) to create the I-20s for F-1 international students.

As an F-1 school, St. Mary’s welcomes students from all around the world. If you are interested in your student attending St. Mary’s, please contact one of the agencies listed above.


St. Mary’s High School, a college-preparatory high school built on a foundation of the Catholic faith, welcomes qualified F-1 International students from across the globe to participate in our home-stay program. Nestled at the foot of beautiful Pikes Peak mountain in Colorado Springs, Colorado, St. Mary’s offers qualified international students a unique opportunity to obtain an excellent education while learning about life in the United States.

International students are encouraged to participate fully in the St. Mary’s experience, which includes taking part in extracurriculars and sports. In the last few years, St. Mary’s has welcomed students from Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, China, South Korea, Vietnam, Japan, Spain, Poland, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, France, Italy, and Germany.

St. Mary’s provides opportunities:
1) for a one or more year experience; OR
2) for enrollment with intent to graduate, fulfilling all St. Mary's graduation requirements.

  • St. Mary’s One+ Year Academic Program is intended for students to return to their own countries to complete their education.

  • St. Mary’s High School’s Diploma Program is open to qualifying I-20 students. This program’s intent is to prepare and place international students into the American college of their choice upon high school graduation.

  • If a student is interested in attending SMHS for a single semester, please contact us directly. Based on a student’s English language proficiency, we can help determine if this is possible.


St. Mary’s High School will provide the I-20 needed for the F-1 visas for qualifying international students. Support program services and individualized counseling are provided at all levels. Students will be enrolled in the same English classes as all other St. Mary's students. If needed, tutors can be acquired, at an additional cost to the family. All of the information you need to get started as an international student at St. Mary’s High School is found at the bottom of this page.


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