Loretto House Shield

House Color

Marian Blue, which connects to the school's namesake, St. Mary

House Saints

St. Thomas Aquinas
St. Kateri Tekakwitha

The Shield

An open book with a world symbol in the background recognizes the Sisters of Loretto commitment to education around the world. The Marian Blue background connects to Loretto House's color.

How the Shield Came to Be

In fall of 2021, the inaugural year of the St. Mary's houses, students were asked to design house shields. Those students designs were collected, common themes were identified, and those themes were used by a graphic designer to create a shield for each house.

The shape of the shield was taken from the St. Mary's crest and each House shield was required to include the cross, also found in the St. Mary's crest.

Loretto House

The Loretto House is named after the Sisters of Loretto who established St. Mary’s High School in 1885 as an all-girls high school. 

The first wholly American sisterhood, they were the first frontier order of nuns.  Established in 1812 in Kentucky, the order was called the Sisters of Loretto at the Foot of the Cross. Shortening their name to Sisters of Loretto, their influence in the southwest led them to Colorado.  Since 1812, Sisters of Loretto teachers have educated students across the United States and around the world.  With more than 200 years educating students, the Sisters of Loretto schools promote four core values:  faith, community, justice and respect. 

In 1933, a wealthy parishioner, Julia Cassidy, donated a house located at 14 W. Bijou St. to the parish to be used as a convent. The Sisters of Loretto lived in this House until 1972. Today this is the home of Marian House Soup Kitchen, a division of Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Colorado Springs. Surely the spirit of the Sisters of Loretto shines down each day as the needy of the community are served.

House Emphasis: Knowledge

Knowledge is the emphasis for Loretto House, honoring the dedication of the Sisters of Loretto to provide a good education to those throughout the world.

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