A Catholic, College-Prep Family Since 1885

St. Mary’s High School exists to educate students in the Catholic tradition to be responsible, moral, critical thinkers and leaders well prepared for college and life.

We believe...

  • Integrating our Catholic faith into all aspects of our students’ education is the single-most important reason St. Mary’s High School exists.

  • St. Mary’s is the best overall high school experience in the United States.

  • School curriculum should challenge every student, supporting those who struggle while challenging those who excel.

  • Every faculty and staff member, every parent, every coach, and every adult volunteer is responsible for teaching the Gospel message through their actions.

  • Fine Arts, Athletics, and other co-curricular opportunities should be available to all students, helping build disciplined work habits and serving students’ entire development – MIND, BODY, & SOUL.

  • Service to the community, especially to the poor, is life-changing for the recipients and our students.

  • Teachers and parents should communicate often about grades, student activities, and behavior.

  • Parents should participate in school life, through volunteering and attendance at school activities.

  • Graduates of St. Mary’s are equipped to radically change our world for the better!