Pirate Parents

At St. Mary’s, we recognize the importance of parental involvement in our students' activities. Our parents are an energetic, vibrant part of our family who wholeheartedly support the students, faculty, and staff at St. Mary’s. All of our students benefit from our parents' time, knowledge and experience.

Below, you will find the links that you, as a Pirate Pirate, need to jump in and be a more involved part of our Pirate family.

The Pirate Parent Crew, our PTO, meets most months on the second Tuesday of the month. The meetings begin at 6 pm in the Cove. Please check the calendar for exact dates and times.

Pirate Parent Crew

Volunteer Hours

St. Mary’s will again track parent volunteer hours in recognition of the importance of parent involvement in our school community. Families are expected to volunteer a minimum of 30 hours each school year (June 1-May 31) in activities that directly support the SMHS community. Families may choose to opt out of volunteering by paying a $450 fee.

St. Mary's uses the Mobile Serve app to log volunteer hours. This app will allow you to:

  1. Find Events that need your help.

  2. Instantly log your hours, and see your totals.

  3. Save trees, so we can build more ships!

We're excited to help you track your volunteer hours, share your stories, and measure your impact! If you have questions about logging volunteer hours, please contact Jeanne Cichon, registrar, at jcichon@smhscs.org

Mobile Serve Information

  1. Please download the MobileServe app. https://app.mobileserve.com

  2. Add your Picture

  3. Connect with your Friends

Parent Code: AD5EAE