Pirates Online


St. Mary’s High School offers a limited number of College-Prep/NCAA approved online courses for the purposes of remediation and/or advancement. (An additional fee is required)

In addition to St. Mary’s elective courses, selected online independent study courses (offered through Catholic Virtual, JVLI or BYU) can be chosen from the following areas: history, science, literature, advanced mathematics, and languages (not offered at St. Mary’s ). Parents are responsible for the full cost of the online course. 

No student may choose an online offering for classes offered at St. Mary’s.  If a required course offering does not fit in a student’s academically challenged schedule, counseling may recommend an optional elective to be approved by the Principal or Assistant Principal.  In the case of a class not fitting into a student’s schedule, the school agrees to cover the full cost of the online course.

In order to maintain the integrity of the St. Mary’s High School academic program, no student will be allowed to submit more than three (3) semester courses for credit from outside institutions, whether for remediation or enrichment. Prior approval of these courses must be obtained from both Counseling and the Principal or Assistant Principal. The required form is available from the Counseling Office. 

This process must be initiated by the student and completed no later than the two-week (ten  school days) add/drop period in the first or second semester. No outside coursework from other schools (including community college, other accredited high schools, or approved online  schools or programs) will be accepted unless the aforementioned protocols are followed. 


Synchronous Learning refers to groups of students engaging simultaneously in the same learning event. This involves live streaming of instruction so all students within a class can engage in the same instruction at the same time regardless of being present in the classroom or at home.

St. Mary’s High School will continue to employ Synchronous Learning in all classes to enhance the student’s academic experience. Our goal is to increase academic rigor, communication, and collaboration in college preparation and beyond by giving students direct instruction regardless of their location. We know this form of education will help students with greater access to teachers and classmates while increasing their organization and time-management skills.

In Synchronous Learning, St. Mary’s online

• Follow the school’s bell schedule at home.
• Sign into each class period’s Google Meet at the start of each in-building class period. Attendance will be taken.
• Present themselves as if they are physically present in the classroom, including appropriate dress, and obey classroom rules.
• Have their cameras on and mics muted during the class period, unless directed otherwise.

Student Access:
All St. Mary’s classes are taped to provide greater access for students needing to review class material.