While our group Shadow Days have been tabled due to COVID-19 concerns, we are excited to welcome individual students to experience all St. Mary's offers. Shadow Days are a great way for prospective students to see what a day at St. Mary’s is like. To register, use the online registration form at right.

2 female students smiling


  • Shadow Days are 8:30 am – 3 pm, unless noted. Students should be dropped off at the front office between 8:15-8:30 am and picked up there at 3 pm. If they are to ride home with a SMHS student, they must have a note stating this.

  • Students should follow our dress code (no jeans, flip flops. No shirts or sweatshirts with logos or designs other than their school’s logo, shirts need a collar and must be tucked in. Crew neck sweaters are allowed.)

  • Students should bring their lunch.

  • Students should bring a water bottle, backpack with work to do, or a book ( in case a class is having a test).

  • Students will shadow a SMHS Ambassador close to their age who has similar interests, i.e., 8th graders will shadow a freshman or sophomore for the day.

  • Student interview of senior students will take place during the day.